The Tenga Egg

A Male Masturbation Toy that Keeps Its Promise

tenga egg being applied to erect penis

The Tenga Egg male masturbation toy
This silicone egg offers a unique and intense
pleasurre. Click here to see a larger view
of this image.

The Tenga Egg is a cute little toy from Japan. It comes packaged in a realistic plastic egg shell. Inside is a very soft and stretchy silicone egg. The egg has a hole in the widest end (see our Tenga Egg video on this page) that fits over the cock. Each egg comes with a packet of lube that you squeeze into the egg before use.

The egg is marketed in Japan as a use-once-then-throw-away toy. At $8 USD each that may be a bit much for most of us. The egg is washable (even in the dishwasher) and can be boiled to sterilize. Any high quality water-based lube can be used instead of the lube that comes packed inside the egg. After washing and drying the egg fits neatly back in its shell. A very cool and usable toy. Lots of possibilities for gift-giving; how about an egg carton (six-pack?) of Tenga Eggs for the man who needs something? The gag gift possibilities are endless. The nice part is that inside that realistic egg is a lot of fun.

Not the first jerk off toy, but maybe the best
The Tenga Egg is the latest in a very long line of "insertrion" toys. Best known is the Fleshlight, a tube that looks disturbingly like a flashlight except where the bulb should be is a silicone tube with simulated vaginal lips. Other toys simulate porn star vaginas and butts. Most are made of latex or "Jell" (a latex that is transparent). All are inconvenient to hide. How happy they make you is personal opinion.


Tenga Egg Masturbation. Learn how to use the Tenga Egg.
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The Tenga Egg comes with three internal patterns. Each one is supposed to create a different sensation. In our tests, at first they all felt the same. Very good. Each time we used one, the orgasm was intense and much sooner than we expected. That, in our book, means the eggs are very very exciting. Take a look at our video. Orgasm occured at the end, and it's a short video!

After a go round with each pattern, we noticed that the sensations were different for each of the Tenga eggs. By rotaing through the various eggs we got a nice sense of variety; almost like having different partners. Clean up after use is very easy. Just run some warm water and turn the egg inside-out under the water. A little hand soap on the inside and a good rinse cleans it right up. We also rinsed the outside and then let it sit to dry. To use over, just put a little water-based lube into the egg, rub some on the lip and off you go!

The Tenga Egg offers a world-class wank in a very discrete package.



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