Penis and Ass Play

Cock and Ball Bondate, Ass Penetration and Much More

Pierced cock tied and tortured. Tight cock bondage, clothes pins, butt plugs and more. Click here to see my masturbation video. If you would like your masturbation video here, just click "Feedback" on the bottom of this page and let us know. We will get back to you with details.


Cock and Ball Torture.My cock and balls tied so tightly they are turning purple

Cock Bondage. My cock and balls are tied so tightly that the head of my cock and my balls are turning a painful purple.
Click here for a larger image.



Clothespins on balls

CBT. Clothespins cover my balls. Click here for a larger image.


Cum dripping from soft cock

I had to sit there and let the cum just drip and evenually dry up.



Ball crusher - cock and ball torture

Ballcrusher. My balls clamped tight. Click here for a larger version of this image.


Bunnytail butt plug up my ass

Bunny tail butt plug up my ass. Cute, huh? Click here for a larger view.


 Open Asshole. I spread my cheeks wide for you

Asshole. I spread my ass cheeks wide for you"


Spanked butt

My red butt after being spanked.




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