Sex with Dogs and Other Animals

Taboo Fantasy Play: Animal Sex

Magic dog penis dildo with inflatable knot

Magic dog penis dildo
features inflatable knot

Fantasies let you explore the illegal, impossible, and the taboo. One of the darkest, most taboo fantasies is sexual animal play. Healthy, normal people fantasize about what it would be like to become or to be taken by an animal. Many of these people want a safe way to experiment turning this fantasy into reality. We know that a lot of people think about this because one of the most popular destinations in our web site is the animal penis dildo page and the animal tail butt plug page. These toys can make animal play fantasy into safe reality.

Let's begin by saying that sex with real animals is not what this is about. Most people consider inter-species sex to be very wrong. This is about human-to-human sex using toys to permit acting out animal fantasies. This can range from role playing to simply wanting to feel what it would be like to be penetrated by a different species. Just by looking at the animal penis dildo pages, it's very clear that animal genitals are very different from our own. The products we display are accurate representations of the real thing. In some cases the size is adjusted to permit human penetration. The picture on this page is of a kangaroo penis dildo. Clearly the kangaroo vagina is very different from its human counterpart. Being so different it's bound to provide new and intersting sensations. Of course that is a very exotic sample. Most people prefer domestic animal penis dildos, and when it comes to great human sensation, you can't beat man's best friend.

Doggy-Style has a new meaning here
Of all animal dildos, the dog penis is most popular. This may be because dog sexual anatomy offers some interesting human possibilities. Like many mammals, dogs have intercourse to create more dogs, not so much for recreation. When the bitch is in heat she secretes a scent that is irresistable to male dogs. When the male mounts the female, he pushes his penis into her vagina, spends a very short time moving in and out, then appears to be attached to the female for more than twenty minutes. The brief humping brings on the ejaculation, but the dog penis doesn't lose its erection. On the contrary, a bulbus shape at the base of the penis called the "knot" continues to engorge until it forms a tight seal in the vagina. This is referred to as "tying". As long as the knot is engorged, he can not pull out of her vagina. From a reproductive standpoint, this period of tying gives the dog's sperm time to travel to the eggs and fertilize them.

Horse peins dildo scaled for human consumption

Horse penis dildo sized
to fit humans

The picture of the dog penis dildo displays the knot. When inserted in the vagina or anus, the knot provides a definite bump on the way in and out. The knot "locks" the penis in, much as it does for the female dog. This makes for interesting sensations and play. Many of the animal penis dildos and plugs can be worn on a strap-on belt. This permits the strap-on wearer to become the "male" and fuck the "female". Many men and women like this sort of role reversal where the man takes the female role and the woman fucks him with a strap-on. Adding an animal penis creates new worlds of fantasy play. Most of the animal dildos and butt plugs are used by solitary players. Many men find the varied sensation of different species dildos amazingly stimulating anally. A suprirsingly large number of women find greater stimulation and pleasure from the different shapes.

Cute little bunny

Cute bunny tail butt plug

Animal Tails
There are a number of very interesting animal tail butt plugs that when inserted, give the wearer a very realistic looking tail. As you can see, the possibilities are endless. There are cute pig tail butt plugs, pony tail buttplugs, and doggy tail butt plugs as well as many others. This form of play can be both funny and intense. It will certainly add spice to your play time. Sexual play is more than just sensation and orgasm. It can also provide the ability to enjoy bringing fantasy to life. In a recent U.S. survey, more than 75% of heterosexual men had fantasies about being anally penetrated, spanked, and being told what to do. Is this S&M? No, not at all. It just shows that there is a lot people can learn about each other. In the same survey, only 10% of women realized that this was something men might like.

Unfortunately, sex is something we don't talk about openly. We secretly enjoy porn, solo toy play, and hot fantasies. But we don't tell each other about them. Because you are reading this, chances are that you or the person who asked you to read this, has a desire to try some of these things. If this is your fantasy, maybe a good way to start would be to get some toys and try things out alone. If you want someone to share this with you, a "show and tell" with a toy or two might get the ball rolling. One thing is certain, if you never try, you will never get the chance to experience this forbidden fun.



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