Equinox Horse Penis Dildo

The World's best strap-on toy!

Picture of Equinox horse penis dildo that squirts!

Equinox horse penis dildo. This dildo actuall squirts! It comes with an 8 oz. capacity.
This is the best strap-on toy ever invented! (Strap-on harness not included)

Usually animial penis toys are enjoyed by a specialized audience who enjoy the unique sensations created by penetration by another species. The Equinox certainly qualifies in this regard. It iss a realistic model of a horse penis that has been scaled-down to comfortable human proportions. But that is far from all!

The Equinox is easily the best strap-on toy ever created! We don't say this lightly. For strap-on play to reach its full potential, the dildo used must have some very special characteristics:

This product also has a truly unique feature: it squirts! The equinox comes with an eight ounce bulb that will squirt the substance of your choice through the tip of the dildo at that strategic moment. Warmed water-based lube makes a nice synthetic semen. Consider the possibilities!

What about balls? This detail often suffers when dildos are manufactured. It is expensive and difficult to mold realistic three-dimesional balls when making a dildo. As a result, most dildos either have no balls at all or have a flat base with bulges that resemle the front of the scrotum. Only the Equinox has realistic, three-dimensional balls.

Another great feature is the fact that nothing is compromised to make this dildo usable with a strap-on harness. A special adapter comes with the Equinox that permits strap-on mounting. That means when you play without a harness, you have a stand-alone horse penis that is realistic and amazing fun to use.


The Equinox features:

  • The Equinox is supplied with a large 8-ounce squeeze bulb, 2 feet of high-flex tubing, nylon pinch valve, harness adapter (that fits most standard size harnesses), separate irrigation nozzle for the squeeze bulb, black satin storage pouch, Cinnnalube sample, and recipe to turn Cinnalube into a squirtable ejaculate.

  • Squirting feature includes a detachable tube that connects the squeeze bulb to the back of the Equinox. The tube may be easily inserted and removed from the Equinox and the bulb. A nylon pinch valve is included to stop flow after filling the bulb. The bulb may be easily disconnected for fast and easy filling. The 1/4 inch tube also fits most standard squeeze bulbs. A standard irrigation nozzle is also supplied for connecting to the bulb.

  • The harness adapter presses into the back of the Equinox to securely attach it to most standard size harnesses. The squirting tube attaches to the harness adapter to allow the squirting feature to be used with a harness.

  • Color is embeedded in the silicone. No paints or other surface treatments to wear or rub off.

  • Soft and pliable with just the right firmness for comfortable insertion.

  • Made from medical-grade silicone. Each Equinox is a work of art individually crafted.

  • Skilled artisans individually hand fashion each Equinox duplicating the natural color variations of the equine penis.


  • Insertable length (not including base) 10 1/2 inches
  • Shaft diameter at tip 1 1/2 inches
  • Base diameter 1 5/8 inches
  • Total length 12 1/2 inches

Important Note
The Kinky Consumer does not sell or ship this product. The manufacturer will receive your order and process your payment through PayPal. You will receive a confirmation email after placing your order that will include contact information. All waranties are provided by the manufacturer.


Price $260 plus $7 shipping (U.S. and Canada) (international shipping $49)
The Equinox does not include a strap-on harness. This must be purchased separately.





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