Frenum Piercing Gallery

Cock and Ball Torture

These are my private pictures. You can see my piercing and some of the ways I like to play. I got my piercing over ten years ago. There was no pain during or after the piercing. I did have to refrain from sex and masturbation for a month. After that, sex had to be gentle masturbation. Finally, after six weeks, I could get back to sex as I like it. When I first got the piercing, I work a barbell (as shown in most of these pictures). Once, healed I wore a ring. The ring turned out to be a problem at times. Even though I tried to wear it around the head of my cock, it often worked tis way off and would painfully twist uner my clothes. That's why most of these recent pictures have me wearing the barbell.

For a brief time I had a Guiche piercing (a ring through the perianum). This piercing turned out to make sitting uncomfortable when the ring would twist under my clothes. I finally removed it. All these pictures are of me, taken in the last few years. You can see I am enjoying myself.


CBT. Tiny clothespins on the head of my cock

Frenum Piercing side view showing doll house clothespins on my cock head.
They hurt but still turned me on


Guiche piercing on the perianum

Guiche Piercing on my perianum also a nice view of my hard cock
with the frenum piercing. My balls are tied and separated.
It hurts and feels really good.


Frenum Piercing side view. Tight velcro around my hard cock

Frenum Piercing side view. Colorful, tight velcro bands are around my cock.


CBT. Clamps on balls.

Cock and Ball Torture. Very strong spring clamps on my tender balls.


Cock and ball torture. Balls tied so tight they are purple.

CBT. Balls tied so tightly that they turned purple.



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