Anatomy of the Dildo

A Practical Guide to Buying and Using a Dildo

Beautiful glass dildo

Glass dildo has pretty
and nice feeling red spirals

A dildo is designed specifically to be used for sexual stimulation. Dildos come in an incredible variety of sizes and shapes. Some look exactly like human penises. Many are actually cast from real erections. Others look like something out of science fiction; wild shapes and colors looking nothing like a cock. Let's explore things to look for when choosing a dildo.

When examining a dildo, first look at the head. The erect human penis head is mushroom-shaped. The flesh is firm with some give. The flare between the head and the shaft serves to make a seal between the head and the vagina. That way, when semen is ejaculated it is forced back, toward the cervix; nature's way of helping to assure a baby is made.

The head also provides extra stimulation as it travels in and out during intercourse. During oral sex, the head offers extra stimulation to the mouth and tongue. For the man, the most sensitive, exciting spot is just under the head, directly under that little v-shaped indentation in the head. This is something good to know.

The shaft provides most of the stimulation for a woman during vaginal intercourse. As it moves in and out it stimulates her clitoris and the walls of the vagina. Veins and other natural bumps and folds on the sides provide extra little tingles as it travels in and out. Some cocks are curved; in fact, few are straight. The curve can add nice interest too.

Why bother with balls? Many dildos have a flat base. This base has the dual function of preventing the dildo from getting "lost" during anal insertion. You would be surprised how easily something just gets sucked in back there. Any anal insertable should have a wide base to prevent an embarrassing trip to the emergency room to fish a dildo out of your butt.  To improve a realistic look, many dildos have balls. Generally they are molded on the bottom side that faces the cock. It is extremely rare to find one with realistic three-dimensional balls.

Size counts
Curved dildos will provide g-spot stimulation in women, and prostate stimulation in men. (see Bend Him Over for Fun for more information). You should choose a dildo based on where you intend to use it. Most women have a good idea what size cock will feel best in their pussies. Anal penetration is a bit more difficult. The best suggestion is to remember that the average American male cock is about 5 1/2 inches long and 1 1/4 inch thick. It's a good idea not to get carried away in size the first time you buy a dildo.

Giant 3 inch diameter dildo compared with a 2 liter soda bottle

This big boy is Vinyl

The vinyl dildo on the left is a good example of having eyes too big for your pussy or ass! At 3 inches in diameter (that's over 10 inches around!), a real stunt-cunt or trick asshole would be required to comfortably take that baby.

For anal fun, particularly with a beginner, select one of the very small dildos (1" diameter or so). The idea is to get the anus used to having something in it. Once that happens, the pleasure grows, and so can the size of the insertion toy that goes up it.

two latex realistic penis dildos

Inexpensive latex dongs



Most dildos are made of either latex (a natural rubber product) or silicone. Latex dildos can be solid colors (usually tan or black)or a semi-transparent "jelly" material. Latex is relatively inexpensive and dildos made from it will cost less than half as much as similar silicone dildos. Latex will dissolve (eventually) in any oil-based lube like vaseline or even vegetable oil. Latex is also porous and can't really be cleaned to the point that it is safe to use on more than one person. You can wash it in hot water and disinfectant soap, but that may not remove everything from the material.

The best idea is to consider a latex insertion toy as a one-person item. You can cover a latex dildo with a condom. This will allow you to use it on more than one person. Between uses, it should be washed in antibacterial soap and completely dried for safety.

silicone dildos come in<br>a wide variety of colors

Silicone dildos come in
a wide variety
of colors and textures

Available in any color you can imagine, silicone is the space-age development that has really turned the dildo world upside-down. Wild colors and shapes limited only by the imagination, are available.

More importantly, silicone is not porous. It is impervious to heat (most silicone can be heated to 400 deg. F. with no damage), oil won't dissolve it so you can use any lube you want, and it can be made in varying degrees of firmness.

You can clean up your silicone dildo in the dishwasher, boil it. even put it through an autoclave (surgical sterilizer). Silicone toys can be shared if properly cleaned between uses. It does cost more than latex, but most people feel it is well worth it.

Other Materials
The creative mind knows no limit, and dildo makers have used almost every material known to man. You can get them made from granite, heat-resistant glass, steel, even precious metals.

One material, cyberskin, is a blend of PVC and vinyl that has a very close feel to real skin. Cyberskin dildos are latex cores covered with a thin "skin" of this material. The "skin" moves very much like the natural skin of the penis. It is naturally warm and feels very nice to the touch. For safety, treat it the same way you treat latex. It is not heat resistant, and may be damaged by oil-based lubes.

Take the tour
Use the links on the left to look through our dildo and insertable galleries. It's the largest listing of its kind. In most cases you will see links to get more information or purchase the item. We don't sell anything ourselves, and we can't guarantee availability or quality of every item. We have made every effort to select vendors who consistently offer fair prices and reliable customer service.



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