The Sybian Ripoff

This incredibly expensive sex machine can get you off with brute force, not so much fun

Sybian sex machine the most expensive sex toy

This is the Sybian. At over $1,200 USD
it costs much more than it delivers

The Sybian sex machine is the best known high-end female orgasm toy. At over $1200 US, it represents a very large investment. Even with such a high price tag, it has enjoyed good sales. Why? The simple fact is that this was the first of the "ride-em" sex toys. As such, it got lots of publicity. Since it is a riding toy, many porn producers created material showing naked women riding it. This further stimulated sales.

Why is it so popular?
The Sybian gets lots of web mention because its manufacturer pays anyone who refers a customer to its site for a sale $250. This can bring thousands of dollars into a web site owner's pocket. Combine this with the lack of serious discussion of sex toys in any media, especially the Web, and the Sybian becomes a best seller.

for less than $100 you can have all the fun of the Sybian

The "Drilldo" gives all of the sensation of
the Sybian for less than $100.

What it does
The Sybian is a barrel-shaped device with a dildo mounted on the front. There is also a rubber pad which contacts the clitoris (see illustration, right). There are a number of different dildos and pads available. The way it works is that a motor rotates the dildo while a powerful vibrator shakes the pad area, as well as the rest of the machine. The vibrator is so powerful that it can actually shake the floor under the machine. That's how it works. Most women can achieve orgasms with a vibrator and a spinning dildo can feel good too.

Is it worth the money?
There is no question that quality materials go into the Sybian. We estimate it would cost you about $200 - $400 to get the parts and build it yourself. You have to decide if it is worth an extra $1,000 to get it ready-made.

You can also purchase, at much reduced prices, toys that do exactly the same thing. If you like the idea of a rotating dildo, buy a Drilldo.This is a high-quality variable-speed electric drill with a special dildo attachment. Cost: $159.95. Add to that a nice high-powered vibrator, such as the Hitachi Magic Wand ($55.50), and you have all the functionality of the Sybian for just $215.45, plus shipping. A neat $1,000 savings!

The Sybian, when it was invented, represented a breakthrough in sexual technology. It represented the first serious female orgasm toy. It has been living on that reputation ever since. Frankly, technology has passed it by.

Over the last decade websites selling Sybians have decreased to virtually none. This is due not in small part by the business practices of their maker. Once upon a time we recommended the Sybian and provided a link to the company's website. If one of our visitors purchased the product on the first visit, we were paid $250. If, on the other hand, the visitor bought it after the first visit, the commission dropped to $75. If you clicked our link to the manufacturer's site, you were greeted by a message saying that you could save $35 by clicking a link. The link took you back to the site without the code for our website. If you bought, we got $75 instead of $250.

This isn't the reason we stopped recommending the product. The kinkyconsumer is not a money-making business. Any commissions we get go toward the cost of maintaining servers and paying for bandwidth. We kept suggesting the Sybian for almost three years after we discovered the shady business practice. We did this because we felt that the product was a very important, high-end sex toy. Only after we began hearing that women were getting desensitized by the overly violent vibration, did we stop suggesting. To top it off, women (and some men) reported that the drilldo was just as much fun and less than 1/10th the price.



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