Male Prostate Milking

Orgasm isn't necessary to make him drop a load


Male Milking. Prostate milking without masturbation or orgasm.
Here are four different guys proving you can do it too.

Male milking without touching the penis is possible. Just check out the videos on the right. Male milking, or prostate milking works by putting pressure on the prostate gland. Applying and releasing pressure, a milking motion forces seminal fluid (which is secreted by the prostate) out of the prostate into the penis and then out into the world.

Where is the prostate? It is inside the body cavity and can be reached via the ass. It's located about five inches in on the front (facing bellybutton) of the rectum. It can be reached by fingers, but many women find it difficult to penetrate that far with fingers alone, and perform the milking using toys. A far easier way is to use a dildo. One with "veins" is best since the bumps perform a milking motion as the dildo is moved in and out.

Not everyone produces a large amount of juice when milked. Regular milking will increase production over time. An interesting side effect of milking is the loss of interest in ejaculation. The combination of a chastity device and regular (at least three times a week) milking will keep a boy nice and tame.

Don't be discouraged if you don't see milk flow. You know you are doing it correctly if you feel a sensation at the tip of the penis; almost like something is coming out. That feeling means your prostate is indeed producing milk. If after a long time you still don't see results, it doesn't mean you failed. To prove it, masturbate (or if you are milking a boy, masturbate him). You will be surprised to see a lot more fluid than usual. That's your milk coming out. For some reason, not everyone can get the milk to flow without the "help" of an orgasm. Even if that means you get an unearned orgasm, the flip side is that the thorough (It was thorough, right?) milking will kill your desire for sex for up to a week.

Many men, like the guys in the videos, milk themselves. Some find it as pleasurable as sex. Self milking can be performed daily. For many years we believed that male milking would never produce more than a drop or two of fluid. Take a look at the videos. You will see how wrong we were.

P-Spot dildo is ideal for male prostate milking

The P-Spot dildo
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is an ideal milking tool.

The Anal invader is well suited to the kind of anal massage needed to milk the prostate. This product is not very wide and can be moved inside the rectum to apply the right massage.

Check out the dildo listings for a wide variety of toys you can use.


Safety notes
The anal canal is fairly delicate. Milk gently. When using a dildo, slow and steady is best. Pain is a warning. If the activity hurts a lot, then ease off. Learning to be a good milk producer takes time and patience. Take your time. A milking session can take an hour or so. If being milked by a partner, the best position is on hands and knees with the milker sitting to one side and behind the male cow. The milker must be comfortable. Milkng takes time and patience. You may want to catch the milk in a jar. If you collect it and freeze it, after a time you will have a nice frozen treat for your cow to lick and suck. Have fun.



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