The Folsom Box

The best masturbation toy at any price

Folsom Box the best female masturbation toy in the world

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The Folsom Box generates sensation like
no other toy. It can make you feel
like you are actually having intercourse.

The Folsom box is to sex what LSD was to the 70’s. It will blow your mind. You have probably heard of the TENS machine, a device used to interfere with pain signals for people with chronic pain. Some folks in the scene have experimented with these devices to induce pulses of sensation to sensitive spots. The Folsom Box folks recognized the sexual and SM possibilities of this and conducted extensive research. The Folsom Box is the most widely available. A similar device is offered by Paradis Electro, but they declined to make their machine available for evaluation.

The Folsom box is a small device about the size of a pad of note paper. It has controls on it for two channels. Each channel on the Folsom Box can be used independently of the other. Devices are available for use on various parts of the body. Since this machine generates an electrical current it must be used below the waist. Folsom makes a special nipple clip that has both negative and positive poles on it so no current will flow near the heart. In no case can you connect one pole to one nipple and the other to the opposite. It could be a fatal thing to do. Remember, below the waist and nowhere else. The basic box costs about $200. With accessories expect to pay about $400 for the box and enough stuff to have a lot of fun.

Anyway, Folsom Box makes a special dildo, cock rings and other assorted electrods. The dildo has conductive material on opposite sides of a smooth cylinder of clear lucite. Use is simplicity itself. You connect the dildo to the box (red to red, black to black wires) and lube the dildo and your vagina with conductive gel (available in most surgical supply stores. If you can’t find the conductive gel, ordinary KY jelly with some salt mixed in…just a pinch will do is a substitute). It is well worth the effort to locate the conductive gel. The manufacturer claims it doesn’t matter, but it makes a big difference. The cock accessories for men have a similar effect. However, it takes a bit more work for a guy to get off this way. As you can see by the video it is certainly possible and very exciting. The key for both men and women is to practice, practice, practice. Nobody seems to mind the work.

Electrosex. Devices like the Folsom Box can get you off hands free.

Bear in mind we are dealing with very low current. Any change in conductivity affects the sensations produced. The theory is that currents produced at just the right rate and volume will "fool" your nervous system into believing that you are being fucked. After all, the brain is what makes you come. If your nervous system sends the "fuck" message, the brain will trigger the orgasm. The Folsom Box works with women better than any other sex toy. It will take longer to learn what adjustments on the Folsom Box rings your bell, but it is a reliable technique. It seems odd because there is no motion. "Fooling" your nervous system generates all the sensations.

We tested two female orgasm devices that work with the Folsom box: the "dildo" mentioned above, and the "shield". The shield is a plastic device contoured to fit over the outer labia. Current is applied to each side of the pussy. We were unable to find anyone who preferred that attachment. One tester reported the curve of the shield was wrong for her body. The hard lucite made it impossible to "wear" comfortably. For women, you might want to consider the dildo and perhaps a butt plug too. If you want to save money, the butt plug works equally well in the vagina. Needless to say, careful cleaning must be done if you use it both places. There are good products available that will sterilize the plug, making it safe to use in both orifaces or to share with a friend.

When used anally, the pulses for the Folsom box actually cause the sphincter muscle to contract and relax causing the plug to actually move! This feature is particularly fun for men since the plug can be connected to the Folsom Box with one terminal up the ass and the other on the penis or balls. Each pulse also stimulates the prostate. And as with the Sybian, it is possible to hang a woman on the edge of orgasm indefinitely. Isn’t technology grand!



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