All About Masturbation

The world's favorite passtime

Masturbation is something everyone does and few admit to. Granted that is a generalization, but it is true in some respects for each of us. How many people are willing to admit they masturbate, much less discuss best techniques? How many are willing to let you watch? In the 60’s and 70’s men’s and women’s group would reach to break taboos. One of the favorites was masturbation. Group members worked to be able to watch each other do it, share techniques – bring masturbation out of the closet and into the mainstream. It didn’t work. Those of us exposed to those groups somehow managed to do it, but we never did it outside that environment.

Male Masturbation. Watch me jerk off and cum.
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This subject poses a dilemma for most of us: we love how it feels to have an orgasm, but to admit anything but a joking interest in masturbating causes us to lose esteem in others eyes. Given this it isn’t any surprise that this fun activity hasn’t benefited from the dramatic progress science has made in virtually every other area of our lives.

Most of us still use our hands in the same way we have since we entered puberty. Women, mostly due to physiology, have a more difficult time using just fingers and as a result the market for "therapeutic" vibrators would suggest that every man woman and child in the United States suffers from shoulder pain.

Woman masturbating

Female masturbation. Finger fun.

Men haven’t done as well. Some like vibrators, but the motion isn’t what nature meant men to feel. Women, on the other hand receive a large part of their sexual stimulation by conducted physical stimulation (the "vibe" of a penis moving in and out, etc.). The vibrator is just a more powerful vibration transmitter. Most male masturbation aids are pink rubber vagina look-alikes complete with nylon hair and a squeeze bulb to get a "tighter" fit. It was a substitute for the hand with the hand covered in latex.

Some people spotted this hole in technology, so to speak. Your kinky consumer is happy to report that for the first time an objective report and comparison on masturbation devices follows this little introduction. But first the Puritan disclaimer from your humble author. Clearly, to evaluate masturbation devices it is necessary to test them. To test means to masturbate with and without them So, dear reader, you now know your kinky consumer has been known to – in the vernacular – jerk off. Having admitted that, he has also discussed masturbation techniques with experts in his tireless search for the truth. All of the male methods discussed here have been personally tested by yours truly. The female devices have been evaluated under your reporter’s close evaluation or have come from trusted correspondents. That having been said, let’s begin.



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