Jetaime Female Sex Machine

Overpriced and disappointing attempt at a sex machine

Jetaime sex machine

Woman riding Jetaime, one of the most
expensive and poorly made sex machines

The Jetaime is a relative newcomer in this area. It is not a copy of the virbrating sex machine that gets the most publicity This one delivers its pleasure by trying to simulate actual intercourse. A motor-driven dildo pumps in and out.

Sound interesting? It's not. It is very expensive (about $1,000 USD for the cheapest version) and it is difficult to adjust. Your reporter experimented with one for several months.Most of the time, so much adjusting was needed that the test subjects lost interest. Additionally, it is very heavy and is easy to damage.

The controlled stroke of the Jetaime (you set it to the length and speed you like) offers a fairly unrealistic simulation of intercourse. There are other machines with the same motion at much lower cost. For less than half the price we found performance we actually liked more.

The Jetaime (and imitators) use a wide variety of dildos. They range in size and shape from tiny to gigantic. The Jetaime is, in our opinion, an overpriced, underperforming sex machine. If you want something for home use, there are many less expensive and just as satisfying alternatives.



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