Penis Prisons

Chastity tubes lock over the penis without requiring the discomfort and expense of a chastity belt

Male chastity device: the Fort

Male Chastity tube. The Fort provides a secure
sex-free home for the penis needing control.
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Chastity tubes offer the advantage of not requiring a waist band to work They operate on two basic theories: that a narrow tube will prevent the penis from getting thicker, and therefore erect, or they prevent the penis from getting longer, thus not allowing erection. Some also incorporate the concept of making the penis itself unavailable for touching.

There are a number of products available. They fall into two major groups: metal and plastic. The metal tubes are very difficult to escape even using tools. The plastic ones can more easily be cut off but still do the job. So the first question you may want to ask yourself is whether you want something that really can't be taken off without serious tools, or you want something that will be detectable if removed. Actually there is a third group as well: devices you can get out of if you try hard enough.

It isn't too surprising to learn that the more secure the device, the less comfortable it will be. Heavy stainless steel is less comfortable than lightweight plastic. Having said that, we can divide the crop of reviewed devices into plastic and metal.

Another subdivision in the tube department is how the tubes are secured to the penis. Some are attached by locking a tight ring around the scrotum. The most secure use a piercing of the penis to lock it on.

A Penis Piercing?
Most men get pale when they hear those words. Actually as body piercings go, the kind needed to secure a chastity tube is easy to get and actually fun to have even without chastity play. The most secure, and comfortable of the tubes makes use of this piercing to secure the tube. If you have the piercing done at the same time you order the tube, it will be healed when the tube finally arrives. This is known as a frenum piercing. It is uncomplicated to get, and heals easily in about two months. Don't despair! If this isn't something you want to do, there are other choices. Check out our male chastity device listings.



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