Mistress Lori Penis Prisons

Steel penis tubes lock to a frenum penis piercing

Lori chastity tube riding on a frenum piercing

An early Lori tube. Note how it pulls on the frenum
piercing. Many men find these devices unwearable.

Mistress Lori has a long history of producing very effective penis chastity tubes. She makes stainless steel devices. Her tubes are designed to be worn on a penis with a frenum piercing (see photo on right). More recently she has been making devices that can be worn without a piercing, as well. They are hand-crafted to the wearer's specific dimensions. She has designs that provide varying amounts of containment. All of them absolutely prevent erection.

There is one very serious problem with her devices: they put way too much strain on the penis piercings they are designed to incorporate into the device. Very few, if any of her customers are successful in long term ware of her devices.

To our knowledge she is the only woman chastity company owner. Her devices are not just things for her to sell. They represent the realization of her vision for male chastity. She is the real deal. She stands behind her products and they work. If you have a problem with fit or comfort, she will gladly adjust your purchase. Since she has been around a long time, no worry that she will be gone in if you need help.

Having said this, it must be noted that time has passed Mistress Lori and her extra-strong steel penis tubes. Chastity play has evolved beyond the fanatics who want devices impossible to remove without a key. Aside from a few European chastity belt makers, Lori manages to survive selling ultra secure tubes.

Generally, there is a long wait when you order from Lori. Each tube is usually custom made to fit each customer. Paulie, her submissive, makes these devices by hand. He has been doing it for more than a decade. Over the years workmanship has improved, but the tubes themselves show a lack of engineering and tend to use brute force (weight and thickness of the stainless steel) to guarantee penile security. Expect to pay at least $500 US for a device.

Most of her tubes require a penis piercing, like the frenum pierciing in the picture above. Incorporating the piercing in the device assures that no one is going to risk permanent damage to get one off. She even sells "permanent" locks that are not removable without a professional locksmith with specialized tools. Wow!

There is no question that anyone will take this device off without a key. If you have a piercing, having a lock attached is a powerful incentive not to get too frisky with this device. Lori's tube effectively stops erection and masturbation. Users like it for its security and effectiveness as well as the sense of involvement knowing that it can't be removed without serious mutilation. Many people think a body piercing like the one your reporter has is pretty extreme. It took a lot of coaxing to get me to the piercer. It turned out that there was no pain during the piercing, and healing was painless as well. One thing to note: you can't have sex for a couple of weeks while it heals. After that, any penetration must be done with a condom. Of course you don't need to be pierced to wear some of her devices. But be brave! The piercing seriously increases the effect of being trapped. I was unable to wear the Lori tube for more than a single night. The pain caused to my piercing was unbearable.

Providing the right measurements is crucial to a good, comfortable fit. Most men like to think of their penises as larger than they really are. In the case of chastity devices, the size required is when fully flaccid (soft). Most of us can be only 2" long when soft and maybe 1.5" in diameter. Overestimating your size will result in an uncomfortable fit. Beware!



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