Male Chastity Devices

Poor Boy! He Can't Get Hard

Male chastity belt

A traditional male chastity belt

Men love to masturbate A male chastity belt is supposed to permit the man to wear it for extended periods of time while making it impossible for him to achieve orgasm or ejaculation. Doing this isn't as easy as you might think There are two basic types of devices: belts and tubes. Belts, like their female counterparts consist of a tamper-proof cover for the penis, attached to a belt that can't be removed. Tubes are what they sound like, tubes into which the penis is inserted. They are narrow so that erection is not possible inside them. They are attached to the body in various ways.

All of the devices prevent direct stimulation of the penis. Consider this: A female partner locks her man's penis into one of these devices. She takes the key to work and leaves it there. The very fact that she now controls when he can enjoy sexual release is a turn-on. Over a fairly short time, most men will be very anxious to get unlocked long enough for a chance to come.

You get the point. Do what I want, and I will unlock you occasionally and give you release. Be difficult and you will wait. Powerful stuff. In order to work, the device must be able to effectively prevent masturbation and not be removable without the key. Here's the rub, no pun intended. Over a long period of wearing without release, virtually every male will find a way to orgasm with the device on. He will discover a way to play with himself or will discover he has other body areas that will promote an orgasm.

A properly fitted chastity cage on a soft penis.

A properly sized chastity cage. Note that the cock
ring is tight, but not cutting off circulation. The tip of
the penis presses lightly against the tip of the cage.
This is very important. It should be pushed back 1/4
inch. This cage is a bit too narrow. Note how the tip
presses out. This isn't uncomfortable and is better
than a loose fit.

To effectively do chastity play with a man, you therefore need to know a bit about how males are wired. We wouldn't leave you in without some help, see A Woman's Guide to Male Chastity, a real-life guide for women on how to provide a man with chastity play. This is a must-read if your partner has been asking for this sort of play. Male Orgasm Denial is a guide for both the male and his keyholder.

Chastity devices are fitted on a soft (flaccid) penis. It's very important that your device is properly fitted. Most of the sites that sell these devices offer very poor information about how to measure. The length measurement is critcal. The best way is to measure the length of your penis (from underneath where it meets the scrotum) when completely soft (not "turtled"). Do this several times over a number of days. In the case of the picuture above, it was two inches. Subtract 1/4 inch from this number. That is the length of the cage you want. Most sites provide length for each cage. You want the tip of the penis to press lightly against the end of the cage. Remember, this isn't a size contest. Comfort and ease of cleaning and urination, not to mention security, depend on the cage not being too long.

Forget the fantasies you read online. The reality is much simpler. First of all, this sort of play is most effective when the male is given regular opportunities to get off. If a male is denied release for extended time, he will probably have nocturnal emissions (wet dreams) which, of course spoil the fun. The trick is to drain him prior to reaching this point. Also, guys need prostate exercise. The prostate gland is surrounded by a thin layer of muscle that squeezes the secretion out during ejaculation. It is generally believed that regular "exercise" of the prostate is vital for health in that area of the body. Check out our male chastity device listings.



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