Chastity Review: Mature Metal Jail Bird

The most comfortable and secure chastity cage

Mature Metal Jail Bird penis cage

Mature Metal Jail Bird chastity cage. This cage is reasonably
secure while being very comfortable for long term wear.

For over fifteen years we have been looking for a practical, affordable male chastity device. Most of the devices we have tested are either ill fitting or just too uncomfortable to contemplate for long term wear. Over the last few years some Chinese companies have been making inexpensive chastity cages. Some of them are good quality stainless steel and provide a good fit if you happen to be the right size. We initially found one that actually fit your reporter's shorter-than-average flaccid penis. Unfortunately, the cage was 1 1/2 inches in diameter and your reporter only measures 1 1/4 inches across. This slight mismatch had no effect on the device's comfort or effectiveness. However, there was some pinching and irritation around the cock and ball ring.

Many people around the Web say great things about the Mature Metal Jail Bird chastity cage. This small company makes several chastity cage designs. The Jail Bird is the most popular and arguably the most comfortable to wear. The design is very simple. There is a cock and ball ring that the user threads both balls and his penis through. The cage then slips over the penis and locks on to a hole in the ring's shaft. This is much easier to see than explain. The photo above shows one fitted on a penis. Note that instead of using a padlock, this one is locked on with a security screw. In case you haven't seen one (we hadn't), a security screw has a specially machined head that only a special tool can open. Once tightened, it can't be removed without that tool.

Like all cages, it is possible to work the soft penis out from behind the cock ring. Mature Metal can provide deterrents in the form of dull or sharpened nubs that are part of the cage. These will help prevent escape. A decade ago there was a cult of men who spent amazing amounts of time and money buying devices and then escaping. Nowadays, those of us who are caged do not make determined efforts to escape. After all, chastity is generally the male's idea. Why defeat what you want? These deterrents all cause pain if the penis tries to get hard. Virtually all men have involuntary erections during sleep. Those nubs guarantee you will be awakened painfully if you try to get hard. That may sound like a good thing. But it will get old very fast.

Measuring the penis you see in its cage

Measuring for the Jail Bird. The measurement
is made from the scrotum to the tip on the
underside. This penis is 2 inches long when soft.
He is a bit red from hair removal.

Each Jail Bird is custom made to fit the customer. The site provides measuring instructions. More detailed, illustrated instructions can be found on the Male Chastity Journal website. Proper measurements are very important, especially the cock and ball ring. If this ring is too small, it will be painful to wear the device; too loose and the cage will rotate or a ball might escape. The best way to assure that you have the right sized ring is to either buy some different sized rings at a hardware store or order a measuring set from Mature Metal. Take your time! Wear a ring for at least 3 days once you find one you thing is right. Your body gets used to the ring. A good fitting ring will barely admit one finger between your penis and the ring up to the first knuckle. If you find one that fits, wear it for a while. Custom made cages are expensive. Get it right the first time. Mature metal will adjust the ring size for a very small fee.

The cage is a different story. It can't be resized. Measure the diameter of your penis. The easiest way to do this is to lay your soft cock across a ruler. Order the diameter your exact size or 1/4" narrower. You want it to hug your penis. Cage length should be shorter than your shortest measurement by 1/4 inch. You want the tip of your penis touching the end of the cage. One other measurement is required: ring spacing. This is the distance between the base (cock ring) ring and the cage. Mature Metal recommends 3/8 inch. We went with that suggestion. It was fine.ds

Measuring penis diameter for the cage

Measuring width. Lay the penis across a
ruler. Calculate the width. In this case,
he was a bit hard and measured
1 1/2 inches. The cage was ordered 1 1/4"
diameter. You can see from the picture
above that it is a good fit.

We ordered a Jail Bird using the measurements you see here. It took six weeks from the date we ordered until it was shipped. This is pretty typical of Mature Metal. When it arrived, the cage was perfect. The finish was smooth and bright with no rough spots at all. Packed with the ring and cage were two security screws and two of the special tools to put them on and remove them. It arrived in a standard priority mail fixed rate box. Nothing revealed what was packed inside.

We ordered an oval cock ring. This is a unique option that Mature Metal offers. The oval shape is more comfortable than a circular ring. There is no difference in ordering for this ring. Putting it on the first time was a bit of a chore. It takes a bit of practice to get the cock ring on. The cage also needed a bit of work to get him all inside. The first time we used the security screw, it was a bit difficlt to line up the holes and then get the screw in without cross threading. After the first couple of times, it became easy to do.

It's not surprising that there is some adjustment needed when wearing a chastity device for the first time. The key is to make sure that all of your scrotum skin is pulled through the ring away from your body and that your entire penis is securely in the cage. Some scrotal skin will work its way out as you move. That's fine. This actually prevents irritation. We were completely comfortable in the cage after only a few hours of wear. We have been wearing it continuously for almost two months now, only coming out for some nice exercise.

For the last fifteen years we have been testing and reviewing chastity devices. Until now, none were comfortable enough for us to consider continuous wear. The Jail Bird is the first product that passes all the tests. It is comfortable to wear 24-hours-a-day, It is invisible under clothing, and it makes getting off while wearing it, pretty much impossible (at least for us). It is a bit expensive at over $400 USD. However, given the amazing quality and comfort plus Mature Metal's willingness to adjust until you get a perfect fit, it is really a bargain. For the first time ever, the Kinky Consumer recommends a chastity device. This is the one to buy!



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