Club Fem MCD (Male Chastity Device)

Sharp teeth dig painfully into the penis at the first twinge of an erection

male chastity penis belt with sharp spikes to keep it soft

Male chastity penis belt. The MCD is a spiked plastic penis belt that
is tightened around the soft cock. When on, an erection is impossible
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A painful-but-affordable entry into the male chastity belt business is Club Fem. This web-based organization offers some interesting female domination writing and makes the MCD (Male chastity belt). This isn't a new idea. The original was patented in the late 19th century as a device to prevent boys from masturbating. In those days it was believed that boys who jerk off were doing permanent damage to their bodies and minds. Come to think of it, there a many wives now who share this very same thought.

For a while, TPE (The Power Exchange), a Washington DC based group made a device they called "Kali's Teeth Bracelet". The name came from a female dominant erotic short story that was circulating on the web. It was a ridged "breacelet" cut in half with a hinge and a hasp and lock. The inside was lined with sharp pins. The idea was that the bracelet, once locked around the shaft of the penis, would be too painful to remove and would painfully reward any erection. The TPE device was not very well made and was never a very big seller. It was hard to fit correctly, and were hard to clean or wear for long periods of time. Some time ago they stopped making this device.

Club Fem has taken up the gauntlet with their MCD. This device is molded of a piece of fairly flexible plastic with sharp, pointed little pyramids lining the inside. It is inexpensive ($40 at the time of this writing) and easy to fit and surprisingly comfortable to wear.

To put this on, you first insert a nylon "tie wrap" through the holes, then slip it around the penis, and tighten the tie. It is a bit harder than it sounds to do this. It took your reporter 3 tie wraps and about 15 minutes to get it on the first time. The tie wrap is stiff and it took some practice to get the positioning right. Directions (not very good) are on the MCD website. It's not that this is rocket science, but it is challenging at first.

The unit comes with standard ties for practice. For "real" use they include a few ties with a place someone can sign her name. This is how a "keyholder" can assure herself there was no removal for unauthorized masturbation. It's effective for chastity play

male chastity spiked belt on cock

Male chastity spiked penis belt
fastened tightly around cock.
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This isn't for escape artists
A small pair of diagonal cutters can remove the tie. So it can be removed by the wearer (not a bad thing really). Some people have reported being able to slide it off and then back on the penis without removing the tie. Your reporter was not able to do this. It is probably possible, but pain and some damage to tender tissue would probably result.

Also there is the matter of nocturnal erections. Most men get hard during sleep. If you start to get one while this is on, you will wake up! Those pointy pyramids really hurt. One man who reports wearing this all the time, says he no longer gets those nasty erections. Apparently one can learn not to get hard in one's sleep.

Being plastic, with numerous holes in it, the MCD can be worn long term. It is easy, if a bit painful, to shower with it on. It is invisible under clothing, though don't bump into any furniture, and it will not set off a metal detector.

We would rate this device in the category of recreational chastity toys. It's a fun and inexpensive way to add this play to your sex life. It's comfortable enough to wear as long as you want. It's easy to use and really works. Just the thing for that naughty boy who needs a day or two of reminding who's boss.



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