About the Chastity Hardware

From penis prisons to complex chastity belts, human invention is stretched to prevent the orgasm

Short cock cage is effective for 2 inch soft penises

This custom-made chastity cage is designed for full time wear.
The open design allows easy cleaning and teasing.

Chastity hardware takes on many forms. There are belts, cages, tubes, cups, among others. The objective to keep the cock or pussy safe from unauthorized attention. Since the devices reviewed here are intended for long term wear, they must solve some technical problems: the wearer must be able to perform normal bodily functions (peeing and pooping). The wearer should be able to stay clean and fairly odor free and the device should be within reasonable limits for comfort. In addition, if the wearer is going out in the world, it should be invisible under clothes. In some cases, it should also be undetectable by a metal detector. Most of the metal devices won't get through airport security without questions. This is no small task to accomplish. Most of the devices we tested do not solve all of these problems very well. A few do. Read on and learn what we discovered.

There is a thriving chastity belt industry fueled by a desire to purchase a device that will prevent orgasm, then working hard to defeat it. It would be impossible to review all available products, so your kinky evaluator read statements and interviewed wearers and key holders, and produced a short list of products to test. We do list products we didn't test and report and we have used feedback from others to determine ratings.

Lay of the Land
Male chastity belts are divided into two categories: belts and tubes. Female devices are belts only. Most of the devices we found are for male use. We didn't review any female belts and only found a few women who used them.

When we started reviewing chastity belts, the market was limited mostly to metal devices designed to be escape proof (but rarely were). They ranged from belts to locking tubes and cups. We review these devices in detail.

More recently, devices have been manufactured of sturdy plastic. Coupled with serial numbered plastic locks (once you close it you can't open it without breaking or cutting it), chastity play can continue without tripping metal detectors. They are secure and for most people highly effective. Take a look at our male chastity device and female chastity belt listings.



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