Male Chastity in Silicone

Male Chastity Device Bon 4

Male chastity device in silicone. The Bon 4 offers
a great price and good security. It is very easy
to put on, and is invisible under clothes. Note
how much bigger the cage is than the penis
inside. This poor fit causes problems for the
wearer. Click here for larger image.

The Bon 4 Silicone chastiy device is an effective, bargain-priced penis prison

For about a deciade there has been only one choice if you want to buy an inexpensive, reasonably effective male chastity device: the CB series (CB2000, 3000, etc.). Those devices are made from a hard plastic. Over that decade, silicone has come into its own. Silicone, if you haven't already experienced it, is a "rubbery" feeling plastic material that is impervious to almost everything. It can withstand high temperatures. As a result, silicone toys can be washed in the dishwasher. It is very flexible and won't break. Silicone is also very "sticky"; that is, skin doesn't easily slip over it. It's also very strong. This combination of properties make it ideal for a male chastity device.

The Bon 4 comes nicely packaged and included three silicone cock rings, the penis tube, locking strap, padlock, and five serial-numbered plastic seals; everything you will need. If you haven't played with silicone, you will be pleasantly surprised by how strong and flexible it is. The nicest surprise is the price. For about $150 USD you get the complete kit.

Fitting and Wearing the Bon 4
First of all, remember the Bon 4, like all other penis tubes, depends on the tightness of the cock ring to prevent the wearer from pulling out from the back. Silicone makes this much harder to do. Like the "CB" series and other penis tubes that do not incorporate locking a penis piercing to the tube, security isn't perfect. But it is certainly good enough for most people.

The first step is to put on the slicone cock ring. Three sizes come with the Bon 4. Start with the smallest size. Remember, you want the tightest fit you can get without discomfort. There is a definite trick to getting this on. Silcione is not slippery by nature. This is a very good thing in a chastity device. However, it makes getting that ring on very difficult. But, there is a trick. Use a water-based lube (like KY jelly) to lube the ring. Be very sure it is water-based lube. You want to rinse it off the silicone completely after you have the ring on.

Next, force one ball through the ring. If you can't fit one ball through, then try the next larger ring. Pull as much of the scrotum through as you can. The lube may make this difficult, but if you use a towel to dry your scrotum, you can do it. After both balls are through, your cock has to follow. Add more lube to the inside top of the ring and push your cock through until you can grab the head and pull it all the way through the ring. Now, adjust the ring so that it is as close to your body as you can get it. Pull your balls all the way through. Do the same with your cock. Ok, now go and wash off so that there is no lube left on you or the ring.

Once you are clean and dry, its time to add the penis tube. The Bon 4 comes with a "belt" made of clear, very strong, plastic material. Thread it through the right "loop" in the penis tube and pull all but an inch through. Now slip the tube over your cock. It should be fairly easy to get at least the head and most of the shaft in. Now, fit the right belt loop of the tube over the ring and into the slot provided. Easy, huh? now, fit the belt into the groove in the cock ring. There is a silicone bent rod attached to the head of the penis tube (see the photo). Thread the belt through the loop in the end of it. Now, pull the belt through that loop and fit the belt into the groove in the ring. There is another notich for the penis tube rod on the bottom of the ring. Pull the belt tight. Now just run the belt through the groove back to the top and thread it through the other loop on the tip of the penis tube. Now pull the belt tight so that the loop fits into its groove in the cock ring. Now all you have to do is fit the hole in the belt over the locking pin. The Bon 4 is on! For neatness I threaded the remaining part of the belt through the loop in the top of the tube like a belt.

male chastity device Bon 4 cock ring

Male chastity device Bon 4
cock ring. Note that the single
notch is on top. Click here
for a larger image.

Locking is easy. The Bon 4 comes with a padlock. This is fine for daily wear. It also comes with a few serial numbered plastic seals. Many people prefer these to the padlock. You can buy additional seals when you need them. A good way to get your cock correctly situated in the device is to try to get hard. You won't get an erection, but the effort will force the penis to fit correctly in the tube. The tube itself is sized to handle virtually any soft cock.

Wearing the Bon 4 is a pleasure. It is extremely comfortable. If you feel pain from the cock ring, you probably need to go to the next larger size. However, when you have the correctly sized ring on, pulling out will not be an option. The device, even with a padlock, is virtually invisible under clothes. The soft silicone flexes enuogh so that the entire device becomes part of your body. Keeping clean is easy. It is suggested that you follow a sensible program to "break in" wearing the device. Start with 24 hours. Remove it, including the ring, and check for any irritation. If all is well, it should go back on and can be worn for another three days. Take it off and check again. If all is stil well, then try a week. It is strongly suggested that you remove the device at least once a week to check for any skin irritation. Also, it is a good chance to clean and dry the skin normally covered by the tight cock ring. The device itself can be washed in hot water, or even run through the dishwasher. In fact, you can even boil it.

Unlike other personal toys, the Bon 4 can be shared. Just be sure to wash the device in the dishwasher, or in very hot water with soap. Make sure it is fully dry before putting it back on.

Review and Rating
When we first attempted to put the Bon 4 on, we didn't realize that the single notch on the ring belongs below the balls. We spent a few very uncomfortable minutes trying to get the penis tube to fit. Once we realized that the single notch goes on the bottom, fitting was a snap. This highlights one of the Bon 4's (and almost all other male chastity devices on the market) biggest flaws: it has no instructions included with it in the package. Even a couple of pictures of the device on a human cock and balls would have been a very big help.

The manufacturing quality of the Bon 4 is wonderful. Everything was perfect. It comes in one of the most attractive packages of any adult toy. The sturdy box is not only reusable, but makes an excellent home for the device when it isn't in use. As mentioned above, getting the device on is a snap. It is the champ for ease to put on and take off. Wearability is unbelievably good. It is very light in weight and invisible under clothes. While we didn't test it in a bathing suit, we believe it can remain on even at the beach. Since silicone is impervious to most everything, salt water, chlorine, and other chemicals won't damage it. If you do plan to wear the Bon 4 to the pool or beach, the plastic seals are probably a bitter choice than the padlock. The padlock is an inexpensive brass and steel lock. It will probably corrode and rust over time. If you prefer the convenience of the lock and key, then plan on lubricating the lock (use commercial lock lube available at most hardware stores) whenever the device is removed.

The one flaw that we found was in the size of the penis tube. Penises vary a lot in size when soft. Your reporter's penis is quite short when in the relaxed state. As you can see in the photo, it didn't reach the end of the tube. This is the one area where the CB2000 wins. It's tube is just the right length for men like your reporter. The manufacturer of the CB series of male chastity devices learned this lesson. That is the main reason that the Curve and the CB3000 were made. Does the single tube size of the Bon 4 make it less useful? The answer is no, but it does create a problem: peeing is a bit of a problem. If the penis fits tightly in the tube, the generous ventilating slots are in the exact place to permit peeing without any mess at all. For those of us with shorter cocks, the pee bounces around the tube before draining out of the slot. This may require sitting down to pee. It also makes cleanup a bit harder. However, some water and a paper towel will keep you clean. We strongly suggest that the Bon 4 be made with a short, medium, and long penis tube version.

The Bon 4 in a nutshell

Con's Price and availability



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