Male Orgasm Denial

It's ironic that by preventing a male from having an orgasm will make him obedient and sweet

Most people, even guys, know very little about male orgasm control. This lack of knowledge is a handicap when approaching chastity. There are myths about men and male orgasm control that relate strongly to this:

Erection is a sign of sexual arousal. However, a man can be highly aroused and even ejaculate without erection. Preventing erection does not necessarily make ejaculation impossible. In fact, with male orgasm control, if relief is withheld long enough, most men will ejaculate in their sleep even if erection is not possible.

soft penis ejaculating

Even a soft penis can ejaculate if
sufficiently stimulated.

The key to male orgasm control is to understand that absolute, long-term control isn't practical. It also isn't much fun except for the guy who wants to live that fantasy. If arousal is withheld, interest in sex will decline in a man. If interest goes down, there is little point in continuing chastity play since he has no interest. The key to the fun is that he knows you control his sex, making male orgasm control great fun. If as a keyholder, you work on a routine that guarantees his interest and provides relief often enough to prevent him from finding another way, you are on your way to big fun.

None of the chastity belts are safe for long-term wear unless regular inspections are made for irritation or other problems. As discussed in the article, there are ways to do this as a form of fun play incorporating male orgasm control that eventually results in a permanent exchange of power.

The myths about arousal and male orgasm control are incredible. In your reporter's opinion, male orgasm control works best if the keyholder makes a concerted effort to keep her partner as aroused as possible as often as possible. You don't miss what you can't get. Constant reminders work wonders on behavior. Men will not go blind, nor will their balls swell and suffer if they don't ejaculate. That being said, it is healthier for a man to ejaculate regularly. You, as keyholder decide what that means.

Is it safe to deny male orgasm?
A lot has been written about this. Some believe that male sexual equipment needs regular use. The consequences of long term denial of ejaculation, they say, can be very serious, even life threatening. For an excellent article about the medical consequences of long-term ejaculation denial, check out this article. As men age, they often lose the ability to have a "wet dream" , which for younger men provide a natural way to prevent prostate and other problems. There is even evidence that infrequent ejaculation may contribute to prostate cancer. There isn't any strong evidence that this is true. This doesn't mean that prolonged chastity play is dangerous. It just means that you may want to assure regular ejaculation to protect male health. Now, that doesn't mean he gets an orgasm. One particularly mean way to protect male sexual health and deny orgasm is to "break" his orgasm. This is very easy to do. Just masturbate the man until you feel the first start of an orgasmic contraction. If you immediately stop the stimulation, he will not come but he will drip out a nice load of semen. Doing this two or three times a week should guarantee protate health while still denying orgasm. Remember, the medical need is to keep semen flowing, not making it fun.

What About Cocks?
The penis itself is a fairly complex organ. It is extremely strong and resilient to pressure, hitting, squeezing, etc. when soft. There is spongy tissue inside the penis on either side that gets flooded with blood and causes an erection.

An erect penis is much more delicate. Accidental bending of an erection can result in permanent damage and a trip to the hospital. Skin is healthiest when dry and clean. Some chastity belts designed for male orgasm control make it hard for the penis to escape a permanent bath in urine. None of the devices we recommend have this problem, but virtually all devices cause the shaft to be wet by urine. This urine will evaporate eventually, usually leaving an unpleasant scent.

Anatomy of a Cock
This penis is circumcised and measures a bit over 6 inches from the base (left side of picture) to the tip. It is 1 3/4 inches in diameter. That translates to 5 1/2 inches around.

Note the head. It is well-defined and designed to give you a nice bump on the way in and out.  The front view gives a nice look at the most sensitive part, right under the inverted "V". A gentle tickle there makes a man insane.

This cock is just about average. This is useful information. It can give you an idea regarding a comfortable dildo size when you browse our listings. By and large, length over 6 inches isn't very important for vaginal penetration since the vagina is less than 7 inches deep (including thickness of the labia). . Anal penetration is difficult with a dildo (or a penis) less than 5 inches long.

Comfortable anal insertion is a function of the diameter, not the length of the penis or dildo. Most men and women can quickly learn to accept a cock or dildo 1 3/4 inches in diameter. Remember, however, that a real penis has some "give" and will to some extent adapt to the shape of your anal cavity. That means you should get a thinner dildo for comfort. If you enjoy a 1 3/4 inch diameter penis, start with a 1 1/4- to 1 1/2-inch diameter dildo.

Male masturbation
It's useful to understand how a man jerks off. For one thing, this knowledge will make it easier for you to get him hard when desired. It's also fun. Every male does it a little differently. Click here to watch our penis model masturbate to ejaculation. If you can get your male to masturbate for you, you will quickly see what rings his bell.

In terms of dildos, knowing how to jerk off is useful too. It is often arousing to masturbate your strap-on as you stand in front of your partner. It adds realism and also is a very sexy way to smooth on the lube.

Play with him as long as you like without letting him ejaculate
It's a little known fact that male orgasm can only be triggered when the penis "feels" that it is pushing in to the vagina. Translated into masturbation, if you restrict your hand motion to "up strokes" (moving your hand from the base to the tip), no matter how aroused he gets, he won't be able to ejaculate. In practice, the way this is done is to first tease the penis until it is very hard. Don't worry which direction your hand goes. Once fully erect, just stroke from bottom to tip. Don't do it too quickly, otherwise an accident is possible. But with the right pace, he will remain very aroused and frustrated as long as you like. Be sure to keep his hands away from his penis. Once this technique is mastered, male orgasm denial becomes a wonderful game. When he begs you to play with him, you can oblige without letting him get the satisfaction he begs for.

Turning a male into a dildo
This may sound strange at first, but consider what a dildo is. It's a penis that is hard whenever you want and doesn't expect you to do anything in return for using it (other than washing it off). You can train a male to be the same. First, you need a way to prevent him from squirting when you aren't supervising. An easy and pretty inexpensive way is by using a ample chastity device.

You need to train him not to squirt or expect to squirt every time his penis is stimulated. This can be done by masturbating near orgasm, then stopping. When he gets soft, put him back in chastity. When you want to use his penis for your entertainment, in the beginning, make sure he has at least 3 condoms on it. That will reduce his sensitivity. Also, have him use his mouth to stimulate you until you are very close to orgasm. That way, the "danger time" when he is fucking will be reduced. As soon as you come, get him out and get him back in his chastity device. In the beginning, masturbate him to orgasm once a week. After a month or two, make it every two weeks. Then move it to monthly, perhaps when your are not feeling in the mood for sex. Check out our male chastity device listings.

If he has an "accident" and comes without authorization, lock him up and keep him locked for at least two weeks. Make him use his mouth and fingers for your pleasure, but his penis remains locked. Tease him before he pleasures you. That will remind him to be a good boy next time you let him be your dildo.

Another strategy if he has an accident, is to purchase a male dildo harness, and keep him locked up but have him fuck you with a dildo in the harness. A second accident should result in a minimum of six weeks of chastity. If this sounds terribly cruel, it isn't. It's part of an educational process he will eventually love. But then you don't ask a dildo if it is having a good time, do you?




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