CB 2000, CB 3000, The Curve

Locked into CB2000 chastity device

CB2000 chastity device locked on your Kinky Consumer.
It is inexpensive and reasonably effective.

Effective Male Chastity in Plastic

After September 11, the world has become a much more careful place. Many office building have metal detectors. The ability to enjoy chastity play without sharing the game with security guards is a good idea. In addition, many couples don't need the heavy-duty security of steel.  The CB2000 represents a high-tech solution to make chastity play literally, lighter.

The CB2000 is a space-age plastic device that incorporates many new features to improve comfort and security. They also managed to produce a device that doesn't require custom manufacturing or a body piercing to hold it on. You can buy it and have it on as soon as you get it home.

It takes some patience to experiment with the CB2000 spacers and the cock ring. However, fitting isn't too difficult. Start with a cock ring you can easily thread balls and cock through. then the body of the device goes over the cock, then attaches by means of the pins to the ring. The spacers give the scrotum "breathing" room. Some trial and error is required to get that right.

Most people use a cock ring that is too small. After 24 hours, the CB2000 should still be very comfortable. If discomfort is felt, a larger ring should be used. For maximum security, the smallest ring that is comfortable should be used.

The CB2000 works, but it is possible to escape. However, if your chastity play does not include an escape artist component, that shouldn't be an issue. You can lock it on with plastic security locks that can only be broken or cut to remove. Each lock has a serial number so it will be obvious if hubby tries to pull a fast one (or a big one!).  To make escape harder, Frank and Doris make "points of intrigue" that discourage unauthorized penis activity. The points do make it much harder to get out without a great deal of discomfort, but they also woke up your reviewer when he got hard in his sleep.

My Experience
All in all, the CB2000 is a great choice for a first chastity toy. It is well made and easy to use. The open design of the CB2000 makes it easy to keep clean without removal, though you will probably have to sit to pee. This didn't prove to be a great problem. Showers while wearing the CB2000 were easy. It was possible to reach between the bars and do a bit of diddling, but no way could I get the old spurts going. Some people experience discomfort wearing this. It can catch and bind the scrotum, but it is fine as a "training chastity belt".

Which model to buy
The CB2000 was the first product this company manufactured. The principle difference between the CB2000 and the CB3000 is that the CB3000 is more of a penis sheath. The advantage in the newer design is that less touching is possible with more plastic between your naughty hand and your weenie. The tradeoff is that with the CB3000 there is less ventilation and cleaning is considerably more difficult. If your chastity play includes long-term wearing (more than 2 weeks without removal), then the CB3000 creates more opportunity for irritation and bad scent. The "Curve" model is actually older than the CB3000. It was created for longer penises (when flacid of course). If your flacid penis is more than four inches long, the curve is a better choice. Again, cleaning is more difficult when wearing the Curve. Your intrepid reporter has only tested the CB2000 (that's me in the picture).

We find this device works!
We recommend this device especially for people looking to try this cool way to spice up the old sex life. It's not expensive, and makes a great way to keep hubby honest on that business trip.




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